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  • Our life saver "Steve" with Justin atop the mountain

    A very tired Roch a the mountains top with a "fresh" Justin Granger

    Greg " Plucky" Welch finally arrived on the Island.

    Diana Brich, race director, sitting at her orgranized desk. Huddle and Roch could learn a few things about organization from Diana!

    Can you beleive it, an Alberta plate from Canada on the island! How did it get here?

    The one and only key Speedo sighting today.


    Kona 2005- 9 days and counting!!!

    A very quiet day today in Kona. Dig Me Beach seemed a little less crowded at 8am, may have been the big swell that is hitting the island or all the triathletes were out riding the course the week before race day? The big news was the arrival of Greg Welch, affectionately known to his close friends as “Plucky.” Greg and Paula are the hosts on race week and race day. As well, Paula’s less then better half Huddle, with co-host Bob Babbit, will be live all day giving the blow by blow commentary. They all do a great job so make sure you stay glued to your computers for a great show.

    I took a ride up the mountain with Justin Granger, Belinda’s hubby. It was a beast of a climb! Starting from down town Kona, you head straight up the Palani Dr. and then at 1500 feet elevation you take a right on Kaloko Road. You then proceed to climb another 4000 feet to the towers close to the top of the mountain at 5500 feet. Beautiful ride, but make sure you have at least a 27 tooth cog on the back as the switch backs are at least 15%. The climb is well worth the decent!!!

    We ran into a local at the top, Steve. He was a life saver as he had a cooler full of cold water and graciously offered two bottles each to Justin and I. True Aloha spirit, Steve, thank you so very much!!!

    That’s about it for the day. Only had one good Speedo sighting to speak of and stopped by the Ironman office to see Diana Birch, Ironman Kona Race Director. Oh ya, got a glimpse of Normans new bike. Looks fast and Norman can for sure ride it fast.

    Until tomorrow…