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  • Katja, Sara and Cherie before their morning swim at the pier.

    Rhae Shaw with better half David. Just arrived from sunny Seattle and loving the cool conditions here in Kona!

    Belinda, Mike "Beef Cake" Dannelley, and Heather after their run back from the energy lab. Hot and sticky out there today!

    Another beautiful sunset here in Kailua-Kona.

    Paula on her wedding night. Stay tuned for more pictures!

    A glimpse of Normann's Kuota race frame.


    Kona 2005- 8 days and counting!!!

    Saturday brought a few rain showers, but more importantly the newly weds Paula and Huddle arrived!!! Look for more photos and stories about and from these two in the coming days.

    The big happens around town for the athletes were their last key training sessions. Heather, Belinda and Michellie all ran in and out of the energy lab in the heat of the day. One last steady race tempo run for about an hour to acclimate and keep the system going. Normann did his last 3 hour tempo ride and t-run and we spotted Jurgen out on the Queen K getting in one last hammer session before race.

    That’s all for today. The local “Safety path 10km” race takes place tomorrow so look for photos and story tomorrow night.