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  • Heather sporting the new Oakley headwear .

    MJ grabbing a bite before she heads out to ride to hawi - her first experience with some REAL Kona winds she said.

    Normann and his Sara - her arrival has certainly made him happy.

    Let's not forget about this man - Tom Evans is some-one not being mentioned a lot....I expect to see his name on that leaderboard during the day.


    Sunday before.....catch-up, feet up before the week starts.

    My (PN-F)first day on the Big Island....always great to be back. I was determined to get a bit of relaxation before the week gets under way. A swim in the morning with Katja Schumacher, Wingnut, Rob Hyland and Terry Matin. The water was amazing as usual. And also as usual - the race is on all around - we had SO many swimmers out there on the course come flailing past, swim over us, into us.....I would love to give them some old sage advice to relax and understand that it is doing them no good, BUT I remember being the same hammer on to them all.

    A quiet breakfast and I took up residence in a lounger with my book and there I stayed for the rest of the day. Katja headed out to run to the Energy Lab. Heather and Norman went off to complete their TV work. NBC did the unprecedented by closing yes CLOSING the Queen K Highway briefly to get their shots.

    Michellie went off to ride the leg from Kawaihae to Hawi. After the perfect day she had earlier this year at Honu half she had yet to feel some real winds up in Hawi. Well she got what she needed and now really understands what things can be like after the blah, blah about it from everyone else.

    Chris legh arrived on the Island to spectate for the first time in a few years. The late afetrnoon I finally moved off the lounger and headed out for a run with Sara (Normann's Sara that is).....I have to be honest it is tough going out with any of the Ironman competitors for a workout - they are all too fit and it is just those few degrees to hard to make it enjoyable in any way. I have suffered enough out here over the past 20 years I am letting them all inspire and amaze me. Aloha.