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  • Why is this man smiling? You’d smile too if your wife bought you a trip to camp, the San Diego Wind Tunnel, and a brand spanking new Orbea Carbon Ordu! Hugh Ryan has a lot of reasons to smile but on Friday – two days after this picture was taken, he was surprised by his wife who came out to Solana Beach to join him for the final couple of days of camp and some vacation time on Monday and Tuesday!!! Give that wife a prize!

    Coming all the way from Singapore, via England, Jerome Steele and Paul Duffy provided both international flavor and some priceless humor. With Ironman Malaysia just a few weeks away, these two were doing some serious cramming! We look forward to seeing how it goes.

    The camp youth movement was comprised of 15-year-old Kenji Fortune and 17-year-old Rudy Garcia. The only thing these two wanted to do more than swim, ride, and run was surf! They got their wish on Sunday morning before the long run when they dragged Coach Huddle down to a local surf break and shredded the 3-5-foot swell from 6-7:30am – who needs sleep at that age? What could be better than cookies and 10-minutes in the Jacuzzi to refuel and warm up for the run?

    44-happy campers and a dozen staff pose for the group photo…

    44-happy campers and a dozen staff show the gains made from 5-days and 4-nights of triathlon camping – nice biceps!

  Winter Triathlon Camp - 2006

    Everyone that lives here in San Diego knows that we have it pretty good when it comes to “winter” weather. It appears that there are a lot of people that wanted to come and see what we are all bragging about. 45 eager campers came from across the country and the world to learn more about triathlon training, and of course to get in some winter training. The weather didn’t disappoint- despite some cool mornings, the daytime highs were in the 70’s.

    This camp is slightly longer and more technically oriented than our other weekend Ironman camps. With this athletes have the benefit of video analysis in both the run and swim. For most people this was the first opportunity to see a video of themselves swimming – a humbling experience to say the least. In addition, the participants are given a great deal of information over the 5 days on training, heart rate parameters, weight training, nutrition – which they can hopefully implement into their own training.

    We had the privilege of having Rudy Garcia and Capt. David Rozelle attend the camp. Both were attending camp courtesy of and the Challenged Athletes Foundation but both are far from challenged. We have seen Rudy grow up into a truly inspirational young man. At the pool, there were more that a few people wishing that they could swim as fast as Rudy. David Rozelle, is the first Army Captain to lose a limb in combat (Iraq) and then return to active duty. Capt Rozelle has always been athletic and that was very clear – during the running drills, he blew us all away with his running speed!!! Both are planning tocomplete an Ironman in 2006 – Captain Rozelle in Coeur d’ Alene and Rudy in Hawaii!

    In addition to having to listen to and put up with all of us for 5-days, the athletes also got to rub shoulders with many of the top pro athletes in the area. Both Faris Al Sutan (2005 Ironman World Champion) and Michellie Jones (2005 Ironman FL champion and 2nd place at 2005 Ironman World Championships) shared their knowledge with the campers. Although one of the female campers questions for Faris was, “What’s your phone #?” – it was to no avail!!! Nice try Darby!

    On Friday, everyone was taken to Triathlete Magazine’s induction of Greg Welch into the Triathlete Hall of Fame. It wasn’t just an opportunity to honor a legend but everyone enjoyed heading next door for a beer after the ceremonies with many of triathlon’s heros and legends. Among the many people in attendance for Plucky’s induction were Kate Major, Scott Tinley, Mark Montgomery, Kate Major, Michellie Jones, Heather Fuhr, Terry Martin, Bob Babbitt, and countless others!

    By the end of camp, everyone had A LOT of information to take with them back to their homes and put into practice for the best season ever. A special thanks to all the athletes for coming and making this camp a success. Next it is off to Tempe, Arizona for our Ironman Arizona training camp on Feb 24-26th.