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  • Simon(JD), Randy (Paul) & Paula (Roch) audition National Anthems singers for the big event.

    Preparations are in full swing this week in tempe - Go Roch....

    Dick getting thos welcome 'Turnaround' signs ready.

    Homer making sure the ramps are perfectly built to his exacting Canadian standards.

    Something new in the expo - Ironman AZ TV studio.


    Ironman AZ just 5 -days and counting.

    It is Tuesday and I just flew into perfectly balmy (80 degree) Tempe, AZ. On arrival I found that work was in full swing for the upcoming Ironman this Sunday. Tents are going up, the supply staff is madly unpacking and moving things around, ramps are being built, volunteer meetings underway and, and, and.......

    Huddle who is race director for the event, has been on the ground here for 2-weeks now. Roch was just a few days behind after he had wrapped things up in Oceanside after the 70.3 event. There is no doubt these 2 guys are going on full (espresso fueled) throttle right now. No point in trying to have any kind of concentrated conversation until later next week. If it doesn't concern the race set-up, permits, supplies, timelines, fencing, porta-johns and such, forget it - they just don't care.

    The weather is epic right now. I understand that the storm going through California will lower the temperature here tomorrow into the 70's - Shame. AND THEN it is just going to warm until the weekend, with highs expected in the upper 80's. I am guessing it will be a shock to most athletes who have had limited heat training so far this year. Even San Diego (at least dry) has been devoid of any real warmth this winter.

    I went down to check out the new addition to the expo - the Ironman AZ TV studio. IMNA is trying a new concept of Ironman TV at this event. A full program of events will be running throughout the day, with interviews, discussions with various personalities and sponsors, information etc. Not only will folks be able to sit right there and watch (and participate), but the shows will be piped throughout the expo, as well as into some of the local restaurants, and hotels downtown Tempe. Ironman is truly coming to town.

    So stay tuned through out the week as I bring you all the activities that will be going on. I need my rest as Wednesday early morning is featuring the Majors Challenge - The Major of Tempe is taking on a host of media people over a 25yd swim (in the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel Pool, about a 4 mile ride and a 1 mile run. I will be doing it alongside him. Should be a blast.

    Till Wednesday....