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  • It is only Wed, but the crew was up bright and early setting up.

    It only took about 15 minutes - but there were some serious folks.

    My protege mayor Hugh Holman......

    Graham fraser and Tom Z heading out for their respective workouts.

    Mj waited for the sun before heading out for a casual jog along the Lake.


    Ironman AZ countdown Day 4.

    Wednesday started out bright and early. It was the first Ironman Mayor's Charity Challenge at 6.00am this morning. The Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Holman a huge fan of the event was challenging members of the media to a short triathlon to show his commitment to the event. It comprised a 25yd swim in the Mission Palms Hotel pool, 2.4 mile ride across the Mill Street Bridge, and a 1.2 mile run up Mill Ave. My assigned job was to keep the Mayor company and 'coach' him through the event.

    A gathering of media people (some of whom were clearly very competitive athletes)showed up bright and early. The mayor had his mountain bike and a great attitude. Needless to say the 2 lengths of the hotel pool was hilarious - I swam with my head up - no way was I going to get my hair wet for a 30 second swim. Fortunately the Mayor likes to get nice and dry with a big pool towel after sewimming before we hopped on our bikes. Up front a few athletes were making a real go of it. The Mayor on the other hand was being a great sport and was getting through it all. The hardest part at that time of the morning was that the run went right past Starbucks.....I was all for pulling over for a nice latte and chit chat (and I think had the TV crews not been there, the Mayor would have as well).

    On the race front - the guys were on the go with the usual. Bleachers were delivered and set up, final meetings with the all important EMS on standby all race day, registration set-up, expo set-up and all the rest. It seemed that everyone working around the event arrived by lunchtime, and the first real influx of athletes became apparent.

    The storms hitting California right now are trickling into the area. The weather cooled somewhat today and there were even a few sprinkles here and there. AFter tonight I understand the temperatures will be on the rise, through the weekend. Tomorrow sees the opening of registration, and the first day Tempe town lake will be open for swimming from 8-10 in the morning. As always the lake looks a little brown, but that is from the the mud getting stirred up. The Water Safety Board has given the lake the final approval so things are set to go. The beautiful ramp built up over the past few days is in place so athletes can enter and exit with ease.

    The clock is ticking, and the lists of things to get done is still fairly long. There are a lot of activities get to go before Sunday. Stay Tuned.