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  • What a dominating day for MJ - start to finish!

    Huddle in his role as race director - the whole day was a testament to the IMNA team work and professionalism

    Images from the Inaugral AZ Undie Run - Heather and Master Sgt. of Supplies for the event.

    Defenitely a spur of the moment strip down for some who did not want to be left out of the Undie Run action.

    It runs in the family - Huddle initiates his niece into the family tradition of being ........


    Congratulations to all the Multisports Finishers at IM AZ.

    Congratualtions to all of you. To those who did not make it, be proud that you accepted the challenge.

    Michellie Jones 9:12.53
    Stephen Albright 12:54.10
    Nino Cokan 10:35.10
    Johnnie Cooper 11:34.49
    Constantin Cotzias 12:07.58
    William Earthman 13:59.02
    Sheldon Finch 14:47.49
    Klaus Graf 14:52.03
    Mark Hannan 13:55.07
    Vivian Jui 15:58.02
    Steve Kenshur 15:26.27
    Jordan Lynn 11:26.39
    MariJane Maples 14:03.00 IM Qualifier
    Ric Meister 11:46.31
    Kord Nelson 16:31.54
    Kathi Potts 13:06.40
    Lisa Preeg 12:14.52
    Mike Rouse 13:39.33
    Todd Tucker 14:59.39
    Mike Wilford 13:34.09
    Travis Dray 13:22.03
    Karen Smidt 14:34.47
    Manuel Bello 15:35.23
    Matt Chavlovich 14:46.56
    Michael Donohue 13:06.04
    Wanda Harden 15:52.14
    Emily Jacobs 13:59.47
    Jean-Philippe LeBlanc 11:40.55
    Chris Phillips 13:53.41
    Jim Skirboll 12:34.03
    Susie Straube 14:29.16
    Bill Thompson 12:32.11
    Thomas Thompson 14:13.40
    Will Wark 15:04.08
    Bryan Woodruff 13:19.18
    Tom Taylor 12:23.34
    Barbara Fetters 15:55.53
    John Dunsford 15:01.33
    Wesley Hein 13:23.19
    John Potter 10:29.36
    Gaylia Osterlund 11:36.06 IM Qualifier
    Geoff Cleveland 9:52.33 IM Qualifier
    Julie Cleveland 11:53.51
    Terri Albertazzi 11:05.12
    Doug Vanderweide 9:53.09 IM Qualifier