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Beautiful down town Fernie. Located in the Southern part of British Columbia Canada.

Mike Dannelly, Heather Fuhr and Jason Tuffs cruising around Fernie the day before stage 1.

Volunteers at Registration, just like any triathlon event.

Roch Frey and Mike Dannelley, Team American Interbanc. Hanging out by their deluxe motorhome the day before the storm!


Trans Rockies Mountain Bike Stage Race

Roch and I (Heather) along with their teammates Mike Dannelley (Roch), and Jason Tuffs (Heather) are in Fernie, BC getting ready for the TransRockies. This is a 7 day, 600km mountain bike stage race in the Canadian Rockies. This was something that was decided last November over a few drinks. One of those – “sounded good at the time” things. Now I am wondering what the heck I am doing at one of the most difficult mountain bike stage races in the world.

It is a whole different crowd here in the MTB world – kind of more like the adventure racing crew. Everyone is very deceiving looking – they don’t look all that fit – but they can certainly kick our butts!!! I am totally out of my element, and it should be a very humbling experience.

To add to the drama, as of 10pm the night before the event, Jason still doesn’t have his bike or bags, but they are supposed to be delivered by midnight. Every time he called to get any information he was patched through to BABU in Banglador, who could barely speak English. He has been very patient about the whole ordeal.

The race package that we have chosen includes a Motorhome and a person to drive the motorhome from stage to stage. The Motorhome is awesome – better than expected. This seems like the only way to go – I can’t quite imagine sleeping in a tent. .

We went out for a little ride today to check out the first part of the course. The first 10km are on the road (paved and then gravel), then you climb up a wide gravel fire road and continue on rolling for another 5km or so. Then it is a quick 180degree turn onto the single track. This will be interesting in the race – nowhere to pass, and lots of roots etc. I feel sorry for the poor souls that get stuck behind me! Apparently we then continue on for another 35k, on single/double track. The are staging everyone at the starting line according to race # - we are #307 and Roch and Mike #445 – so they are going to have to pass a bucket load of people in the first 15km before the single track!!!

Anyway, we will keep you posted as our journey continues.