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Taking the Oath at the Ironman Canada Underpants Run

IM Canada Swim Start - What a sight!! Athlete Mark Moses - all smiles after the race with his supportive family


Congratulations all 2006 Ironman Canada Finishers

Now that the 2006 Ironman Canada race is over we would like to congratulate all of the finishers. For those that maybe did not have their best day - there will be another Ironman race and you should be proud of all the hard work you did to get yourself to the start line.

Mark Moses 12:55.41
David Green 10:27.20
Amanda Lovato 10:32.32
Jeannine Jensen 11:37.30
Steve Bailey 12:23.25
Ron Bradshaw 13:45.51
David Cheney 13:45.42
Cecil Cheves 13:15.17
Fred German 13:04.38
Sean Hackney 12:58.03
Glen Hatton 13:04.45
Alison Johnston 16:42.15
Ron MacLellan 16:32.49
Tom Newell 14:33.02
Rick Poole 12:54.25
Kathi Potts 13:08.14
Matthew Reynolds 10:34.54
Rob Rusunen 11:09.42
Kelly Sharman 14:40.11
Mike Wilford 13:21.30
Lindsey Williams 14:20.03
Steven Kaufman 12:51.24
Darcy Eaton 12:00.40
Mary Pat Holm 13:49.29
Terry Taylor 11:36.19

Now it is off to the Ironman race in Madison, WI on Sept 10th followed by our Ironman Florida Camp in Panama City Beach, Fl on Sept 15-17th.