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Lori, Michellie and Heather at Dig Me Beach after a quick swim around the course.

All is quite at Dig Me Beach, for the time being! Look out starting Monday...

Katja Schumacher and Normann Stadler looking ripped after a swim around the course in the morning. Check out the 6 pack on Normann!

Luke Bell and Chris Legh, a couple of Aussie wankers hanging out at the beach during the morning swims trying to impress the women..

Mike McMichael, owner of Pacific Vibrations, showing off the 2006 Underpants run T-shirt. Mike is the owner of Pacific Vibrations and allows us to take it over and use it as the starting and finish area. He is also the swim captain on race day and recruits 100 paddlers for race day. Watch for him this year as he will be the lead paddler this year on his stand up board!

Pete Coulson, Michellie and Mike Dannelley. Pete and Mike are setting up office at Lava Java!

Sarah Lee and Jamieson Legh enjoying a walk down Alii Drive.

The first Speedo sighthing! It took 36 hours, what is wrong with this place!!!

Look out, we have a new camera with a zoom lens and are perched high up above Alii Drive. A shot of a group of swimmers out on the course with the daily cruise ship in the background..

Luke Bell finally noticing that pictures were been taken of him. We are being nice to him today. The two shots we got of him before this showed him scratching his privates...


Kona 2006, 8 days to go!

The count down to the 2006 Ford Ironman Hawaii World Championships has begun! Its Friday the 13th and all is still quiet here in beautiful Kailua-Kona on the big Island. The morning swims at Dig Me Beach are just starting to heat up. The gang which included Heather Fuhr, Michellie Jones, Katja Schumacher, Normann Stadler, Lori Bowden and myself, Roch Frey swam the course the morning and didn’t have to battle any huge crowds like we would if we were out there on Monday or Tuesday. As per Normann Stadler, we had a “Swarm” of Dolphins swimming around us and at one point they zigzagged in front of Michellie Jones. They must have been aware of the rest of us getting dropped and decided to help us out by trying to slow her down a little so we could all hang onto her feet.

The weather has been a little on the strange side the past two days. It usually rains every afternoon up on the hill and sometimes in town itself, but there has been torrential down pours every afternoon and evening the past few days. Yesterday the rain poured hard on us as we all rode out on the Queen K Hwy north of Hualalai and all the way back into town starting at 11am, much earlier then normal. Today we are back to normal with clear morning skies until 11am then the clouds start to roll up over the mountain and down the hill towards town. No rain is predicted today.

For the first time in 20 years of coming to the Big Island for Ironman, we didn’t see one Speedo during the drive from the airport all the way into town. It took almost 36 hours until we had our first training Speedo sighting other then at Dig Me Beach! Maybe after 9 years of the underpants run people are starting to get the message?