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  • Fast Forward to February '07

    Fri, 23 Feb 2007 00:55:18 -0800

    We are back online and up to speed to bring you news, views and pictures to chronicle the 2007 season ahead.
    With her first Beer Mile win.....World record next year?

    Heather is the new go to gal for the Pro athletes at NA Sports.

    MJ wants to feel some of that SPEED again........for now anyway!

    Pete is loving it.......for now anyway!

    Peter Henning is large and in charge for Ironmanlive season.

    Welchy continues as the primary host to keep everyone entertained on IM Live.

    Roch is full speed ahead with Oceanside......don't worry ST is not really helping him, just writing about it.

    Huddle is ready for Tempe once again.

    Getting things up to date since the New Year, now that we are ready to give you all a steady stream of updates with the 2007 season about to get underway. So here's a quickie on what's been going on so far:
    -Katja Schumacker starts the year as the new Beer Mile Champion in record time. Word is that after her 7.01 effort on the dirt track, she wants a crack at the all time World record of 6.40 next new Year's eve.
    -Heather has taken up her position as Pro Liason for NA Sports as she makes her first steps into the world of 'offcial' work. No - don't even mention retirement. She still plans to be out there toeing the line in a a variety of events from paddleboarding, Xterra, running races and perhaps even IM Canada in August.
    -MJ has made the decision to keep things short and try and fire up some of that good old fashioned speed that gave her an Olympic medal in 2000. So look out for those smoking transitions to be back - no sitting around change tents for her.....for now anyway.
    -Pete Coulson is feeling relaxed and got a smile on his face with no 5 hour rides in his future......for now anyway.
    -IM Live is back bigger and better than before under the reigns of peter Henning. Look out for Heather, myself (Paula) and Welchy to be bringing you all the action from the North American events.
    -Roch and Paul are back in full on race director mode. Ford Ironman California 70.3 and Ford Ironman Arizona are just around the corner - so it is meetings, meetings and more meetings.
    -And - let us not forget, camp season is underway. Look for updates from this weekends Arizona Camp.