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  • Arizona Camp gets underway.

    Fri, 23 Feb 2007 19:21:10 -0800

    Introductions and a big swim kick off camp in Tempe.
    First order of business - get checked in, 'with a smile'.

    Riccitello and Steve Katai, making sure equipment is cleaned and working.

    Michael looks pleased to be the star instructor at camp.

    ASU pool all to ourselves - what a treat to swim outdoors in warm water.

    It doesn't look that gruelling from this perspective.

    Michael has fitted in well, helping Roch get his bike prepped for the ride tomorrow.

    It is day i fo the first of our Ironman specific camps for 2007. How quickly we, as coaches and instructors forget how focused an 'possesed' ahletes can get with the goal of an ironman looming just 7-weeks away. It just seems like it is still so early in the season, but I guess the upcoming Ford Ironman Arizona is the first real go at doing and potentially qualifying for Kona, in the US this year. This is an A race for a lot of the triathlon population out there.

    So, here we are in Tempe with a big crew of 45 athletes having a prep weekend of training and instruction for the event in April. The weather has cooled here from a balmy high 70's earlier in the week to a chilly 60's for the weekend. But most important the storm that blew through today threatening rain, has done just that - blown through leaving clear cold skies, and no rain. Coming from California, we think it is pretty cool, but for many of the athletes from the East Coast this is going to be one of the first outdoor rides in a while.

    The day started out with registration, and the introductions of staff and athletes. The Multisports team is very pleased to welcome Michael Lovato at his first camp. Campers were thrilled to see him and there is quite a crowd of 'age-group' studs resting up to throw down with him on the bike tomorrow.
    But before there is any throwing down, it was off to the ASU pool for a big key Ironman workout. This was a shocker for a few of the athletes. A solid 4-5K by everyone with coach Roch on the sidelines. From my perspective on the deck it certainly didn't look that hard. A solid workout with other athletes to push and encourage one another, is always a nice reality check - this is so often the forgotten aspect of Ironman preparations, with it being the least amount of total race time.

    Just prior to dinner, campers had the opportunity to hear from Danny Abshire who has flown in from Boulder to talk biomechanics and also give campers a preview of the soon to be released Newton running shoes. The buzz is building.

    The dinner buffet was a welcomed sight to everyone. Nothing like a BIG swim workout in an outdoor pool in cool weather, and an impending 6 hour training day in the morning to send everyone back, and back and get the picture. Final thoughts to sleep on, was a presentation on nutrition from Roch Frey. All the great training and preparations in the world are to absolutely no avail if that part of the plan does not come together on race day. No better time than a long day in a group with a few potential competitors to put the plan to the test. Only difference will most likely be about 40 degrees come race day.

    Stay Tuned.