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  • 2007 Ford Ironman AZ.

    Fri, 13 Apr 2007 13:40:27 -0700

    The first US based Ironman getting set to go.
    Michael & Amanda Lovato at the Baseball Game.

    Graham and Sue Fraser with Greg Welch outside the stadium.

    Mayor Hugh Hallman getting set for his IM.

    World Champ Michellie in town working the Newton Running expo.

    Estonian Ain Al Juhanson with Welchy and Riccitello...

    Hilary Biscay with Heather Gollnicks she looking maternal or what.

    Let's not forget Lisbeth Kristensen.

    Katja S with Kevin from Ironmanlive.

    Here it is, April already, and the 3rd running of the Ford Ironman AZ just days away. The weather for the forst NASports event in Oceanside 2-weeks ago was spectacular, and hopes are high come Sunday in Tempe. The forecast has changed a few times (it is the desert after all) - as of now a high of around 80 degrees and some pretty high winds during the day -hovering at 18mph. That means well into the 20 plus mph out on the B-Line highway. But we will waitand see what the days actually brings.

    Since hitting town a couple of days ago it has been full speed ahead. Thursday morning saw Heather and myself join in the 2nd Mayor's Challenge Triathlon. This is a publicity event where the Mayor or Tempe Challenges members of the media to a short triathlon, to raise money for charity as well as getting the media into the triathlon mindset. The event was 1/100th of an Ironman. Swim was 24 yards in Tempe Town Lake (neither Heather nor myself put our heads into the water - no need toget the hair wet for that), 1.12 mile bike ride (cross bikes all the way, with running shoes -the Mayor went the barefoot route) and finishing with a 262 yard run through the finish. It was nothing short of hysterical. All in good fun and despite all the coaching Mayor Hallman still doesn't have the pacing thing down - man can he sprint!

    There has also been a trip to the baseball stadium to watch the division leader Diamondbacks play the Reds. Was fun to see Ken Griffey Jr do the butt waggle in real life. Also fun to go with defending champ Michael Lovato and see how relaxed he is with the big race coming this weekend.

    Expo is open and cranking. Over 1000 athletes went through the first day. Also with limited swimming times allowed in Tempe Town Lake -athletes were taking full advantage of the Gatorade Morning Swim. The pro race is shaping up on both sides with a great field. Katja, Joanna, Lisbeth Heather G, Hilary on the womens side. Michael, Tim, Rutge, Big Ain, Petr V on the Men's side. With so many events on the calendar it is great to see such a deep and talented field for this April event. My picks (for now) are with defending champ Michael L,and I am split on the womens side with Joanna and Katja. It's all just talk right Ironman day always has a surprise or two or three, not matter how many one has done or in my case this past 4-5 years, have watched.

    Stay Posted.