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  • Catching up with MJ.

    Thu, 21 Jun 2007 22:33:39 -0700

    The race season underway,and MJ reports on her somewhat slower start to the racing year, as it picks up steam.

    Change is Good.
    I can't believe its almost July. Usually by this time of the year I have already reached my first fitness peak and looking for a rest before Ironman Hawaii training begins in August. Not this year.
    This year is definitely turning out to be "a work in progress". I started my season off a lot later than my entire career to date. No early season Ironman like last year. No racing until almost June. I definitely had racer envy.
    At the end of May I competed in the local tri the 2XU Enicintias Triathlon. It was great to finally get out of training mode and see where I was at. The swim was a challenge lots of waves which was great even if it was a little scarey to most. But this is why I swim in the ocean on Sundays and have a body surfing contest at the end. On the bike I felt strong but not very fast. But this year Emilo Desoto didn't catch me until the end of the bike. Last year he caught me a lot quicker. The run was exactly as I thought it would be "a work in progress" is what i like to call it. Yep needs work. End result a great day and boy have I missed racing.
    Next stop Ford 70.3 Honu Hawaii. My camp, team, coaches well Pete and Paula had debated whether I should do Honu. I was dreading the run as my preparation was not perfect far from perfect actually. But Paula thought it would be great and I would get a lot of fitness out of it.
    Pete on the other hand doesn't like to me go into any triathlon under prepared and I was. As I mentioned above I just knew how much the 13.1miles was going to hurt, heck it hurts when you are 100%.
    Honu is a great race and who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii. It is also one of the only times you can race on the far end of the Ironman course. It is a great reminder of what Hawi is really like. My good friends and sponsors Mike, Mary and there son Shaun from American Interbanc were also in Hawaii. We were lucky enough to stay at the wonderful home of Will and Denise Weathersbys at the Four Seasons. So we were living it up. What race? More Mi tia's please. Oh yeah that's right we are here for a triathlon. Just kidding but it was very relaxing.
    The race it was going to be hot and humid but not the nasty side tradewinds Hawaii is know for. I just missed the feet of the lead swimmers and managed to be only 40 seconds back. On the bike it took me a while to get into a a grove. Probably from lack of race fitness. But I was feeling better and stronger as the bike miles ticked by. Once onto the run I knew it was going to be a long one. I later found out I had a 8 minute lead on my nearest competitor Samantha McGlone. I just tried to run steady but at around 6miles I started to feel pretty bad,only 7 more to go. So I tried to remain positive and kept telling myself to get to the next aide station. I felt like I was running an Ironman marathon. Actually, I was on running ironman marathon pace not what you want to do in a half. I knew I was losing a lot of time and anyone who has done Honu knows about the last part of the run which we call no mans land. Nothing but black lava rock. I was hoping if I could just make it out of no mans land before McGlone caught me maybe I could fake my way to the finish. But no, she caught me at the bottom of the hill and I was ok see ya at the finish. Well at least I made her work for it.:) My winning streak was over. But hey nothing wrong with silver.
    I have never been so tired after a half. I could not believe how much Honu had taken out of me. Luckily I had a nice easy week before heading off to Atlanta for the Iron Girl Tri. It is always great to see so many first timers. Let me tell you it was a tough course lots of rolling hills and a couple of steep ones as well.I kept thinking to myself if I am hurting everyone must really be hurting.:) It was great to get another sprint race in and I actually felt like my run legs were finally showing themselves. One of my favorite things about this race was having the opportunity to run down the finish with the final competitor. It was her first tri and certainly won't be her last.
    Congrats to all newbies.
    So the work in progress continues next stop a week after Atlanta is San Diego International. Only 3 more sleeps:)