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  • MJ vents on 'flying' with her bike....literally.

    Thu, 26 Jul 2007 19:34:22 -0700

    Hate the ever increasing bike charges when you travel. So does Michellie, and she says so,Aussie accent and all.

    It is de ja vu every time I stand at the airline check-in
    counter. It begins with someone standing inline behind you saying
    something similar to I can't believe they are going to let them take
    such a big bag on the plane. Or the other famous line is "What's in the bag...... a body!" Oh, yes everyone thinks they are a comedian. Then of course they never understand my Australian accent when I tell them it's a bike and there is no body. So I then tell them it's a bicycle in a very bad Australian/American accent.

    The biggest scam on this planet is how much an airline actually charges you to take your bicycle. Or maybe we all should become Golfers they don't get scammed. In some cases we all should just book another seat and have our bike right beside us this would also ensure your bike actually makes it with you. Unlike the time I was supposed to compete in two races over the weekend. One in Toronto on Saturday and then Milwaukee on Sunday. The problem was the folks at Milwaukee Airport just figured my bike needed to be in Milwaukee. Well at least they had heard about the race. Anyway my bike did finally arrive while
    I was swimming so that was a huge surprise. The irony of the whole
    story is that I broke my toe in the Toronto race, still won but never made it to Milwaukee, go figure.

    Then there was the time the Airline actually lost my Felt F1 bike as well as my husbands on our way to Europe never to be seen ever, ever again. The worst part about this was it was the bike I won the Olympic Trials on and was suppose to be my Olympic bike. It is probably still sitting in some lost and found section or maybe some guy is riding around on it. Here is another irony my Olympic bike the first ever Felt DA was stolen from my house a few weeks after the Olympics. So perhaps the same guy is also riding around on this bike as well.

    You would also think that after forking out all that money they charge for your bike they would take better care of it. No! At one event I arrived to find my bike cracked in half. We have a number of conspiracies regarding what actually happen to the bike. Maybe they accidentally ran over it, or threw it straight off the cargo compartment or they just jumped on it just see what would happen. Luckily my husband also had his bike with him and the fact that he is 5ft 6" and I am 5ft 10" you would never have thought that it was possible to make his bike work for me but it did. Since then I have actually ridden a smaller bike so I guess some things happened for a reason.

    I have never been able to figure out how only half your luggage arrives especially since you check it all in at the same time. Not a lot of fun when your bike makes it but all your clothes are missing. I am not sure they would appreciate us all racing in the nude. I don't want to scare you anymore and you will probably be even more paranoid after reading this so happy flying. Before I go I probably also should mention that any of this happening to you is 1 in a million.
    Too bad if you are that one.