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                      Sat, 10 May 2008 00:42:00 -0800
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    Bung knee.....Bung no more.

    Tue, 22 Apr 2008 00:00:59 -0800

    Luke Bell brings us up to speed on his knee surgery and looks forward to a healthy year ahead.

    As I sit at the coffee shop thinking about the last few months and also what lays ahead there are a few things that are running through the mind. One is there is nothing like a good cup of joe with friends to make you realise that everything will be ok. Things that happen now are only short term and what may be the end of the world today may be a blessing in the future.
    I am sitting here post Ironman Australia and knee surgery. After re-straining my knee during Ironman New Zealand I returned to Australia to sort out once and for all what the problem was that has lingered around now for far too long. I was lucky enough to get a swift call from another athlete Mitch Anderson(A lot of thanks must go to him for his knowledge and assistance, it is always nice coming from a fellow competitor as I am sure a lot of people would not have gone out of their way to help someone they at the end of the day must race against). With Mitch’s contacts I was straight into see one of the finest Dr’s in Melbourne, all be it a Footscray Team Dr Zimmerman (would have preferred Geelong!). After several scans the conclusion was made that there were some rough edges on my femur and patellar which needed to be smoothed off, several pieces of floating bone moving around causing swelling and a slight tear in the lateral meniscus which needed a little trim.
    The up side of things is that now at least I have collected my Hawaii slot after hobbling through Ironman Australia. The time out a has also allowed me to sit back and get a different perspective of training, racing and the goals for not only this year but also the years to come. It is quite funny to look at. It is not all that complicated, we all just tend to make it more so that it needs to be. I have made some new goals and directions, not race associated but training. If I achieve these goals then the racing will take care of itself.
    Huddle and the Multisport crew have been fantastic and I can also not thank the folks at Zoot sport enough for their support and again Mitch for his help outside of the call of duty.
    So that is it, nice and simple in and out. I am on crutches for a week or so then slowly back into things from there. They are talking 3-4 weeks (although I am due to see the Dr again on Thursday) of down time so there is just enough time to rest recover spend some much needed time with the family, friends and enjoy another month at the coffee shop watching the world rush by here in Melbourne. If you have any free time feel free to come sit have a chat and a long mac!
    Be safe and see you all soon