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    Catching Up with MJ after Arizona.

    Sat, 10 May 2008 00:42:00 -0800

    After a stellar stretch of racing in California and Arizona, MJ changes things up for a stretch.
    Riding High

    Judge taking a closer look.

    It is hard to believe it has been almost three weeks since Ford Ironman Arizona. I have been keeping myself pretty busy as you will see as you read on.
    After Arizona I originally was going to visit my family and friends in Australia but that did not quite work out so I spent some time catching up on all the things I really I been neglecting. So after getting my taxes in on time I was free to do some spring cleaning, spring gardening and even painted the Laundry room. My dogs also got some extra long walks as I was not doing any training to recover from Ford Ironman AZ so that became my form of exercise. I think they liked it a lot more than me.:)
    Also my friend Caprice talked me into competing at a local horse show. I borrowed her lovely Morgan horse Crystal. It was actually lots of fun and I probably was just as nervous before a triathlon as I was for my classes. I actually won a class, was second in another and Reserve Champion which is basically second. Thanks also to Ann and Frank Miller from Miller Equestrian for all the great coaching

    So what is next in the swim, bike run arena.....

    Having decided to add a few new challenges into my race schedule this season I though I would try another Xterra Mountain Bike Triathlon. I say another because I did race the the first ever Xterra race in Maui way, way back in 1996. Stay tuned.