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                      Wed, 25 Jun 2008 00:56:44 -0800
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    Lake Placid Training Camp

    Wed, 18 Jun 2008 00:32:41 -0800 2008 training camp in Lake Placid for Ironman USA
    Tire chaning demo by Jimmy and Matt. As you can see, Matt is working VERY hard...

    The group Sunday morning before their long run with Glassy Mirror lake in the back ground.

    Roch and Heather talking to the group about the race day logistics and transition area flow.

    The back of the Sag van during the long bike and run, courtesy of our buddy Greg B. Makes you want to sit down and have a picnic rather than ride or run!

    The Sag Van sitting at mile 3 of the run course on River Road with the Olympic Ski jump in the background.

    30 athletes enjoyed perfect weather the weekend of June 7th at our 10th edition of the Ironman USA training camp. We have experienced 45 degrees and rain one year and 90 degree heat and humidity the next, but this year was perfect with temperatures in the low 80's with mild humidity.

    Fridays training included a key swim session very specific to Ironman. Mirror lake had already warmed up to 62 degrees so most of the athletes swam two loops of the course while a few took the pool option. A short ride around the run course and then back up the last 5 miles of the bike course followed by a talk on Ironman Nutrition took care of the afternoon.

    Saturday morning included a 6-7 hour ride on the course followed by a 30-45min transition run. The athletes realized that one loop of this rolling course is deceiving as you can fake it on the hills once through, but the 2nd lap is where the race begins. Lunch was followed by a talk on the training that is needed the next 7 weeks prior to race day and then another swim around the course before dinner capped off the day.

    Sunday morning included a 2 hour plus run on the course, a huge breakfast buffet followed by a motivation talk by Heather Fuhr. Lake placid is an amazing venue for an Ironman. If you have yet to do the race make plans to get this one in sometime during your Ironman racing days.