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                      Fri, 1 Aug 2008 00:12:00 -0800
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    Oliver Half Ironman

    Wed, 25 Jun 2008 00:56:44 -0800

    Michellie Jones and Roch Frey Head north of the border to race on parts of the Ironman Canada course.
    Pre race staying warm in our wetsuits Pat, MJ, Roch and Jim.

    Jim is all smiles as Michellie pouts. Obviously Jim won the bet. He had a handicap of 59 minutes and finished less than this behind the Ironman World Champion.

    Finshers are grinners. All rugged up well except Pat and ready for a much deserved shower.

    Jim relaxing on the flight home. It's tough when you win...

    Michellie recently raced and won the Persona Half Iron on June 1st:

    Firstly I would highly recommend this half as it was one of the best Half Ironman's I have ever done. Sarah and Joe should get high fives for creating a great community involved event. You know you have great support when despite the rain and cold all the volunteers show up. I am sure there were a few races who decided not to face the start line race morning.

    I am sure if I was not there with the boys (Roch,Jim and Pat) they may have sat and ate waffles on race morning like they kept threatening to do.


    1. Tom Evans, 4:06:30
    2. Olly Piggin, 4:06:47
    3. Kyle Marcotte, 4:09:54

    1. Michellie Jones, 4:33:54
    2. Tracy Robertson, 4:45:10
    3. Rachel Joyce, 4:49:09