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                      Mon, 22 Sep 2008 00:12:27 -0800
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    PNF's Monday Musings

    Mon, 15 Sep 2008 15:17:30 -0800

    Welcome to PNF's new Monday Morning musings/ blog/ blah blah/ rant or whatever the term of the moment is.

    Be on the lookout on Monday's for my synopsis on ...well anything and everything.
    Monday is always a perfect time to pontificate on things. The weekend always brings more than 'the usual' goings on, especially around the SoCal multisports crew. The most important goings on of the weekend have to be:
    -the appalling officiating in the NFL that contributed to the second consecutive loss for the Chargers. In my not so humble opinion....there simply is no excuse. Can you imagine if that was the Superbowl. These are multi-billion dollar major league teams, and the fate of a game is in the hands of a 'knee-jerk' whistle blow by the supposed best ref in the game. Not good enough. Yes - I am whining, crying and very, very bitter about what happened. Football season, and my beloved Chargers are a highlight of my year.
    - for the sport I could care a less about....I made some decent picks for the Nascar event, and am 3rd out of our group of 7 after yesterdays race in the Chase. I simply put the drivers in alphabetical order and submitted my picks. Heather, Roch and Paul who actually know something about this 'sport' are all behind me....for now.
    -on to the more important multisports action around here. Norman (yes that is my husband Norman Paul Huddle) and I hit the jackpot of all jackpots this weekend. Our off road activities both on our mountain bikes (on Saturday) and on foot (on Sunday) yielded us GOLD. NEW TRAILS. I thought there was no way there was one bit of dirt trail in the surrounding county that I did not know about. I pride myself on the fact that I can lead anyone, anytime down a trail they have never been on. Not so - a little creativity and curiosity yielded some new routes and the need to get out and do more exploration. Not that I am biased or anything but I have always said it....there is some great riding around the world, great surfing, great everything....but nothing compares the running out here in the North County. It delivers everything possible, 2 minutes out our back door....and it continues to deliver.
    - With the Ford Ironman World Championship just under a month out in the hood is in full swing. I am a touch out of the 'know' and have to rely on second hand information from the crew (swim training and road riding are a thing of the past for the no first hand sightings or interaction). Kate Major, however just moved into my neighborhood and I have certainly seen her beating a well worn trail over to the Junior School track across the street. It's an old school dirt track, and there is nothing better than putting out good workouts there.....they always translate to something better on the roads.
    -Luke Bell headed out of town back to Australia after a great summer in SD. The Bell family left town with a podium finish at a World Championship....yes that's right. Luke's wife Lucy took third spot in her age division at the World Body Surfing Championships a few weeks ago. A trip back home to get his visa renewed and he will be back in Kona looking to match his wife's accomplishments.
    -most importantly it was great to be home for a weekend. The past few weeks on the road with events in Canada and Wisconsin have left little time to relax and catch-up. Both races were a great success, and a huge shout out to Hilary on her first IM victory in WI....that was awesome to watch.
    -Roch spent the weekend at IM training camp in Panama City Beach....I will let him tell the tale.
    -SO, here's hoping the NFL gets grip, and for anyone who cares....I know I don't...Dale Earnhart Jr is my pick for the upcoming Monster Mile (Dover).