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                      Wed, 24 Sep 2008 14:19:00 -0800
    Prev Story: PNF's Monday Musings
                      Mon, 15 Sep 2008 15:17:30 -0800

    Money, Politics and Paddling.

    Mon, 22 Sep 2008 00:12:27 -0800

    What a diverse week of activities and musings.
    Heather sprinting up to finish, after 'letting' her board go.

    Heather and Wally Buckingham.

    Dan Van Dyck one of the top finishers in the stock class.

    Scott Tinley - water man extarordinaire.

    At least there is no diatribe about the Chargers this Monday morning because they are yet to play......Monday night against Brett Favre and the Jets. At least you'all know what I will be doing this evening. However there was certainly a whole host of other activities going on the past week.

    I always consider myself pretty diverse on the world's activities. So it was was much interest and dismay that I learnt more about economic derivatives than I probably wanted to know as Wall street got within hours of a depression. Somehow I think we are we are living through the best and the worst of being in a global 'everything' world. Always something a bit unsettling about seeing the government in control of the finance sector.....I grew up in the third world...these things aren't supposed to happen here.

    One of my other interests is politics. I am always engrossed in what is happening in the circus that is election time. On urging from my mom (also a very enthusiastic political observer) who had been invited to a meeting hosted at the home of one of her students. The essence of this was much the same as all other That is what is needed to establish and make inroads in the election process. It was interesting to see an editorial in this mornings paper on the meeting I had attended described as a 'dot of blue in a sea of red'.

    Back down on the day to day scale it was certainly a fun week in multisports world. On the micro level it is business a usual for everyone. Seems that Ironman athletes are entering their final three weeks trying to get in those last few workouts and most importantly stay healthy through the process. An iffy calf muscle caused MJ to pull out of Cancun 70.3 a mile into the run whilst in the this morning the prognosis was sadly complete:
    Over the weekend whilst competing in the Ironman 70.3 Cancun Michellie Jones was forced to withdraw whilst in the lead on the run because of a slight tear in her right calf.
    With great regret Michellie has also decide to withdraw her entry from the 2009 Ford Hawaii Ironman World Championships in Kona.
    In a statement released today Michellie has this to say;
    "One of things that I learnt from my disastrous defence of my Ironman World Championship title last year in Kona is that the Hawaiian Ironman is not a place to be unless you are 100 percent. I am really looking forward to coming back to Kona in 2009 with avengence. I am extremely disappointed and would like to sincerely thank all my Sponsors and Freinds for their support."

    Once the injury is resolved Michellie plans to race several more long course events to finish out the season.

    Speaking of Hawaii, race director Diana Birtsch called to see is some of our crew would lead the swim on stand-up's this year......are you kidding - that's the only way we would ever be leading anything these days.

    Speaking of paddling it was the annual Powerhouse Swim Paddle extravaganza in Del Mar this weekend. Myself, Roch and Heather headed down and took part. Roch lined up for the first time on his fabulous custom unlimited board to challenge the 'big boys' in the 6-mile. He may have made the podium if he hadn't fallen off TWICE in that last half mile. Or maybe it was just the fallout of his 'over-the-bars' crash off him mountain bike the day before. All I will say about that was the cause of his crash was in pursuit of a candy bar he was taking from my outstretch hand. He won't live that one down for a while.

    Heather opted for the 6-mile 'stock' category where she finished 2nd. I stood undecided until about 15-minutes before start time and finally decided on the 3-mile stand-up category. Both Heather and I were very grateful, Huddle was volunteering, as we both got the much needed push to get out through the surf to the start line. And then there he was, as the board catcher for the fantastic 'yard sale' that went on as the various paddlers tried to make it in through the surf. Whilst I am hammering Roch about falling - yes, despite my determination not to fall in the blownout conditions - I still went in. But mostly I was happy that I had picked the shorter event, otherwise they may still be waiting for me to finish.

    Other than that - the deadly Bronco's managed to eke out another win. YUCK! Not quite sure but I think my Nascar pick for the weekend did not do very well...!

    So here's to a week of staying upright in whatever it is you decide to do.