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                      Mon, 29 Sep 2008 16:00:13 -0800
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                      Wed, 24 Sep 2008 14:19:00 -0800

    Rochís inter most thoughts (not a blog)

    Fri, 26 Sep 2008 00:43:13 -0800

    Thoughts from Roch one early foggy morning in San Diego
    Huddle and Jimmy Riccitello are good friends, best of friends at certain times...

    We have used this picture before. Our friend and Heathers Trans Rockies racing partner at the 06 event. Not to worry, Jason is fine (after 2 bags of IV fluid), but it cracks me up every time I see this pic. That's what good friends are for; hitting you when you are down.

    It Hawaii Ironman time so look out for Luke Bell. He is a mean lean fighting machine, but does need some dental work.

    My lovely wife is amazing at sleeping up right during plane flights. Only negative (or positive) is her ability to catch flys during the process.

    Kristin Mayer, Jimmy (shaven rat) Riccietllo and Rhae Shaw at the 07 underpants run in Kona. Jimmy is the only guy I know that is losing the hair on his chest as fast as on his head as he grows old.

    Had to use this pic of a cat taking a nap up at the Aloha Angle cafe in Kainalie. If you are racing in a few weeks on the big island, make sure you take time to head up the hill and have a great lunch and relax. If not, just make sure you find a kozy place like this cat has and rest up for race day.

    Huddle is alos great at sleeping on planes or at anytime. He, like Heather, as the ability to attract flys to his mouth along with other small objects courtesy of his good friends.

    Had to use a picture of our good friend Tinley. As Huddle mentioned in his last article, we all revert back to our younger age and Tinley is once again wearing his speedo get coffee at Starbucks, surfing, running, and just hanging at the beach. Oh the horror!!!

    Looks, it Huddle and Paula taking a relaxing strole in their race day attire last year at Kona. Again...oh the horror!

    If you can't laugh at your self....your friends will. Matt Hoffman and I took a ride on the Slingshot at Panama City Beach Florida duing our Ironman training camp a few weeks ago. What? I had a great time...

    Alright, I am going to be straight up right from the start; I hate blogsÖ.why? When did it become politically correct to open up our secret diary and post it on the internet? My biggest biff about blogs is when the blogger gets upset when someone writes in and has a not so nice comment towards what the blogger has posted. What the hell???? If you post it on the internet open for everyone to read then you have to sit back and be prepared to take the bad with the good.

    I canít believe how detailed and personal people get with their blogs. Should this not be left to be discussed with your loved ones or your shrink? Or better yet, keep it locked away in your diary. Do people still keep diaries or can you even buy those cool ones with the little lock anymore? If I was ever to write a blog (and you can hold me to it, I will never do it) I wonít write about the bowl eruption I had during my last race or that idiot that swims in the lane next to me at masters or how my new tri suit rides up my ass and aggravates the hell out of me during Ironman. No way will I talk about that or other things like what a stud dart thrower (beer drinker) I am or that my battery in my car died last week and I had to walk shoeless for 20 miles through snow and freezing temperatures to reach civilization (not sure where that one came from?).

    If I do choose to write in our news column ever so often (you better enjoy this one as it may be the last) I will choose to write about crazy fun stuff that we do to keep our sanity (I like pictures). I donít care if anyone reads it or finds it amusing like I do but I only care that it makes me bust a gut when writing it. Just like when Huddle and I write one of our columns or put together another dumb ass Doís and Donít video; it if makes us piss ourselves then we feel it is worthy of passing on to others and hope that some of you find it as gut blasting as us. If not, we donít care as it keeps us going and that is the key. So here are some pics that keep me rolling on the ground every time I look at themÖmaybe they will do the same for you, or not?

    Thatís all I gotÖ