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                      Thu, 2 Oct 2008 12:41:16 -0800
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                      Fri, 26 Sep 2008 00:43:13 -0800

    Separation of Church and State.

    Mon, 29 Sep 2008 16:00:13 -0800

    I was fast becoming one of 'those' people......but I quit just in time.

    So what a week. Many more smiles in SD. Our beloved Chargers have racked up two wins.....and the dreaded Bronco's have finally lost a game. Balance is coming again. Not so great is the recall by Cadbury's. We are at minimum a 4 slab a week household. This is not good for the finely tuned balance of nutrition that happens in the Newby/ Huddle household.

    Of major note was the appearance of my road bike for a ride. It took almost as long to get a bike functioning to ride on the road, as I spent riding it. I realise how addicted I have become to the off road genre. Road riding has lost it's luster, but it was pretty entertaining to get out with some of the 'original' friends and training partners on one of the original loops. There is talk of doing a triathlon this weekend, but somehow I don't think I will make it out of bed to the start line. I have so many built in excuses these days, that I can break through the most committed pleading by my friends to stay on the morning coffee, paper, leisurely activity schedule I have come to love.

    BUT - the real breakthrough of the week came with the realisation that I needed to 'break-up' with my blackberry. Just over a year ago I succumbed to one of those all in one phone, walkie talkie, blackberry deals. It was so great ....or so I thought. I was never a second away from an incoming email. 24/7. It didn't matter if I was having a conversation with some-one (in person or on the phone), reading the paper on a quiet morning, out on a ride, out to dinner.....when that thing vibrated, I HAD to look. What if I was being notified that I won the lottery, what if I didn't know about something right there and could it wait an hour, a day, a weekend. It NEEDED to be in my consciousness that moment.

    Well - just so the love of my life Norman, knows, that somewhere inbetween incoming emails, there was still a small space that heard a few small comments about being 'addicted', 'consumed', pre-occupied' with my blackberry. Somewhere, some how a penny dropped for me. What was wrong with just carrying a the good old days. SO when some-one called I could pay full attention. When I got in my car, I could just go somewhere and leave those emails behind. NO more vibrating in the back pocket of my bike jersey.

    So just before I headed out for the weekend to a family wedding in Texas, I spent a good few hours at the local Sprint store, 'breaking-up' my phone and Blackberry. I now have a simple phone if I need to reach some-one or they me. For the first time in over a year, I did not have a blackberry (or at least one that was switched on) for 3-days. AND - I made it. The world has gotten by....sort is running as usual. I do still have a Blackberry (in fact a much nicer one than before) - but it stays in it's case and is there only for traveling or extended stays away from the office.

    I was always the first one to notice and comment and become aggravated at people who can no longer pay attention, because they are preoccupied with being 'connected' and not missing a beat. As with everything else - when you are 'in it' you don't see it - well I had become that person.....but I am better now.

    It is off to Kona next week, so Monday (or most likely Tuesday) musing will be of a much more triathlon relevant nature.