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  • Monday Musings - Post Kona.

    Mon, 20 Oct 2008 12:00:11 -0800

    Kona 2008 is in the books, but the year is far from over.

    A week has flown by since our return from Kona. It seems that everyone is 'digging out' from their time in Hawaii. The whole concept of a trip to Hawaii always sounds so great and an activity of envy to all you it sounds lame when you try and explain that it was ridiculously busy and we barely moved from about a half square mile in the course of a week.

    What was so pressing that kept us unable to spend leisurely hours soaking up the sun and snorkeling in the warm clear waters. Well there is expo set-up, the kids race, production meetings for, working the expo, organising the Undie Run, being part of the Sports Science convention AND most importantly chatting and catching up with so many people we only get to see this one time a year. Make no mistake, no complaining ans whining here - there is so much packed into one week, it keeps us talking, thinking, innovating for months after.

    Then there is race day. Always fun to be part of the crew. A long day, but it is like having front row seats to the action. We get all the splits first, see the footage, and are kept on our toes trying to rotate and keep the show going for 10 hours. It is a long day and sometimes it is tough to keep trying to come up with interesting and meaningful observations, all the while getting caught up in the emotion of the race. Trying to keep a track on personal friends, having a few of the top pro's stop by when their day has not gone as planned, then back to the becomes quite the roller coaster ride. Then it is all over.

    It seems that not that long ago - at the conclusion of Kona the year was over, the season was would be time to take a breather away from triathlon, schedules and timelines. The sport has come a long way quickly, it has grown up. No longer the seasonal pastime of some wacky athletes. There is no real season anymore, just a calendar of events. We should certainly are booked for Florida with the next event less than 2-weeks away, followed by another World Championship, and yes, just one more IM event in Tempe, before we can really shift our focus to the Southern Hemisphere.

    All this aside back in Southern Cal, the stock market continues to inflict pain, the Charges are going to make the season tough on me, and I still don't care about the Nascar Chase, even though I am apparently doing well with my picks. Most importantly, my flight back from Florida is booked to be back in time to vote on Nov 4.......thank your lucky stars this is a sports related blog :)