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  • Monday Musings: It's Florida all the way.

    Wed, 29 Oct 2008 00:00:27 -0800

    Not really Monday,but the focus moves to Florida on more than one front this week.

    So a few thought channellings had to wait a day (or two) because of travel to the ever popular locale of Panama City Beach. Not the easiest place to get fact mostly attendees come in to Fort Walton Beach. I was wondering if that was because it is significantly more scenic, that the airlines give so many more options (and better prices) into this neighboring coastal spot.

    Anyway - it seems as if the multisports world has quickly gotten over their post Kona fatigue and the 24/7 world is back in full swing. Home town San Diego hosted the 2008 CAF event this past weekend, and it was a big renunion of everyone we saw....well...just a couple of weeks ago. The only difference is that it is SO much more laid back. The SD weather showed off it's best once again as we move into that time of year that has everyone who visits wondering why they don't live there.

    However with just one week left to election could anyone forget. Hopefully the athletes this weekend can figure out which are their Janus Inspiration signs on the course and they don't get too bi-polar as they endlessly have to 'Say Yes or No' to Prop Whatever that will be in their faces all day on Sunday. There is simply no escape down here in the hotbed state of FL....Sarah Palin is doing her thing around the area and all the candidates are expected to make pass through to make sure their future doesn't hinge on a ballot of two from FL.

    The athletes as well have shown that there is no cutting back just because it is November (almost) and the word off-season is fading out of the English language. The Pro race for the final two NAS events is nothing short of amazing. For the women here in PCB, Bella Comerford is looking for her rematch with Nina Kraft from last year......and for the men Torbjorn 'thinderbear' Sinballe is looking for redemption from his disappointment in Kona. I took a quick glance at the field for AZ in 3-weeks and couldn't quite believe whose names where on the start list - but that's a later deal.

    Anyway - the whole crew is now in town here in not very warm PCB. Hopefully the weather forecast holds true and it warms up during the week. Anything that says 30's and 40's for the morning is not getting me up before standard 8.00am work meeting to go for a run ...or paddle....or anything past the coffee post for that matter. So - with video in hand, I shall endeavor to bring you'all some titbits from the action here.