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  • Musings: Almost Done

    Mon, 10 Nov 2008 15:29:20 -0800

    One last push to Tempe, before the golf clubs see some action again.
    Heather was the ever efficient time keeper - Philip LaHaye showed that course guys are atop the heap, and thankfully Mike Reilly just did a relay - otherwise the awards banquet an hour later would have been one to remember (and not in a good way).

    Norm and Scott showed that the 'site guys' may look comfortable with a beer in their hand....but that's about it. Also I think they found out the hard way that you shouldn't hit the buffet in the hour or so before the gun goes off......BARF.

    Now this is one very happy race crew (with a few athletes, spectators, upper management mixed in).

    This time of year is usually marked by a big sigh and a few weeks to wind down. Ironman Florida has traditionally marked the blow out year end party for our NAS staff, and it is time to look ahead to the holidays and a break before it all starts over again. Not so for 2008. We always knew it was going to be a long year, but mush like anything else, it is all very well knowing and expecting, but it doesn't make the reality any easier.

    The past couple of weeks have thrown some very vivid observations my way.
    -Tom Evans at the age of 40 'blew me away' with one of the greatest Ironman performances I have had the opportunity to witness. It's not like he is new to the sport - but he has one of the most resilient and remarkable attitudes toward racing I have ever seen.

    -Just because you think you can drink a beer fast, and you can run fast - does not mean that you will make a good beer miler. And all those big guys that 'can drink anyone under the table' are even worse. This was evidenced by our all comers Beach Beer Mile the Sunday post IM Florida on the beach. Well at least Michael Lovato has something to work on in his off season.....getting up to Roch's level by New Year.

    -I am truly thrilled the election is over and the country, communities, neighborhoods can set sail on their elected courses. The anger and emotion illicited by politics (particularly when it involves elements of religion) amongst normally calm friends and neighbors is very disturbing. I am constantly amazed at how 'offended' people are by the expression of an opinion by some-one when it contradicts theirs....last time I looked - we live in the US, and Freedom of Speech was one of the perks. Hell - I am offended daily by the garbage that comes at me through spam emails.

    -a few small items....the Chargers are still hanging on to hope in the worst division. My mindless picks in the Nascar Sprint Cup are doing very well.....I have almost all of the officiendo's beat, and I will confess to actually watching the last few laps of the races the past 2 weeks. San Diego has to be the finest place to be living at this time of year....I am reminded every year at this time why it is called America's Finest City. Finally - I can't wait to shine up my Callaways and 'groove my swing'.

    Stay tuned for some images, stories and videos from Tempe next week, where the line-up is looking amazing.