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  • 4th Annual Encinitas Beer Mile – December 30th, 2007 (Part 2)

    Sat, 27 Dec 2008 21:46:22 -0800

    No Josh Cox. No Meb Keflezighi. No matter. The locals were out and between Roch Frey and Paula Newby-Fraser, the Encinitas Beer Mile men’s and women’s titles stayed at home in 2007.
    John Clothier looked like a freak but the doctor from the north was showing himself to be the real deal.

    The women’s race was still all together after the first lap. Jay Kuderka leads the girls into the CZ with Laura Sand, Heather Fuhr, Sonja Doherty, Paula Newby-Fraser, and Linda Vigil all within a sip of one another.

    Doug Miller crosses the finish line just ahead of Jason “Mr. 80’s” Tuffs. Miller finished 3rd in ’05 with a 6:56. How do you top that? Go ahead and run a 7:42…IN COWBOY BOOTS!! – perhaps the most impressive performance of the day.

    Roch Frey in the Consume Zone. Take a good look…this is how the winners pour it down. Maybe he’ll be hosting Beer Mile clinics and camps in 2009 – complete with lectures on: John Deere Hat Selection; Pacing; Picking a Designated Driver; and, of course, Consume Zone Secrets.

    Representing her birth country of Zimbabwe, Paula was also sporting the Napoleon Dynamite wig but nothing was making the beer go down any easier. At the finish line the pain was apparent but, in another minute or two, pain would melt into joy at the title she’s been chasing for 30+ years.

    Jim Kaese definitely won the “best dressed” award as he brought his brother, Scott, for a little friendly interfamily competition. Of course, this was probably going to decide some yearlong bet between the two so you knew there would be no time wasted in the CZ. In the end, Jim would prevail by a whopping 20-seconds and be able to lord it over his sibling for an entire year.

    No matter how many times you’ve done it, it never gets any easier. On her 3rd beer, Heather Fuhr seems to have all the pain and suffering of beer miles gone by come back to haunt her. For the second year in a row, Fuhr would be running a penalty lap for puking. Perhaps this was the Canadian curse for becoming a naturalized US citizen.

    Chuck Nagy hovers over chief statistician, Murphy Reinschreiber, who makes sure everyone has reported in so that the correct times are assigned to the corresponding name so that each participant is able to study them as they dream of next year’s event, er, meeting of autonomous, responsible adults.

    JT Clough is all smiles as she hits the finish line - you'd be happy too if you'd just drank 4-beers.

    The glee on the faces of Pete Ligotti, Roch Frey, and John Clothier proves that, when you podium at the Encinitas Beer Mile, it’s like going to Disneyland as a 6-year old! GroupShot2 – Was it fun? Could 41 imbeciles be wrong? Another group of nutters is all smiles and ready for the new year after another successful Encinitas Beer Mile.

    In 2007, the date was revealed on race morning, December 30th. Rumors of world class runners like Meb Keflezighi, Dan Brown and Josh Cox abounded but that didn’t seem to dissuade the regular crew of locals showing up to take on all comers. When the starter called the runners, er, drinkers, er, runners…whatever – to the line, it was apparent that once in a lifetime is enough for most world class athletes. Cox was not back. Nor were local champions, Kloz or Culley. Would that mean a “soft” field in ’07. On the contrary, the locals were back and, based on the action that unfolded, all came prepared to do battle with whoever dared to tip 12-ounces in their house.

    As expected, Roch Frey was the first out of the Consume Zone (CZ) but by the time he’d completed his first lap, he had company in the form of Paul Thomas, Pete Ligotti, and one tutu clad, Dr. John Clothier. Thomas was drinking non-alcoholic beer so, while Frey was happy to have the company, he knew the real threat was coming from Ligotti and the unknown Clothier. Clothier, clad in a tutu, Durban Savages Running Club singlet and water polo helmet was obviously trying to throw the front of the race into confusion. All running and witnessing the first lap unfold were thinking, “How is this idiot keeping up?” Meanwhile, Ligotti was holding his own and biding his time – confused by no one.

    On the women’s side of the event it was wide open as last year’s champion was a no show. Katja Schumacher, who made 7:01 look easy, wasn’t back so it looked like anyone’s race. Vegas odds had Heather Fuhr as the overwhelming favorite but many were speculating that 48-ounces was too much for the Alberta native. Ready to step in and claim the title was a group that included past podium placers, Laura Sand, Paula Newby-Fraser, Linda Vigil, Sonja Doherty, and of course, JT Clough.

    As the smoke of the men cleared out of the Consume Zone at the start, the women’s race appeared with most starting their first lap 15 to 20-seconds after the top men left. It stayed tight through the first couple of laps until Heather Fuhr started to pull away. Unbeknownst to the throngs of spectators, Fuhr had erupted on the back straight of the third lap and was relegated to a fifth trip around the dirt oval. This suddenly made it a race as PNF was still locked in battle with Laura Sand and Sonja Doherty. Linda Vigil gave chase but the suds were starting to come back on her as well. At the finish line it was Newby-Fraser by almost 30-seconds over Laura Sand and the newcomer, Sonja Doherty a further 25-seconds back in third. Fuhr would still hold down 4th – even with the penalty lap.

    By the third lap of the men’s race, Clothier had thrown down a very fast lap to distance himself from the rest. It was of no avail because Frey kept those 6-second 12-ounce chugs going and by the middle of the 4th lap it was Frey, Ligotti, and Clothier and that’s how it would end.

    Special mention to recent hip replacement recipient, Scott Tinley, for taking a cane around the track and drinking a glass of wine at each 100-meter break. Nice job. Rumor has it that the old goat is training to run the event in ’08.

    1 – Roch Frey – 6:35 – Miller Genuine Draft
    2 – Pete “The Cleat” Ligotti – 6:37 – Coors Original
    3 – John Louis Clothier – 6:40 – Budweiser
    4 – Paul “El Eructo” Huddle – 6:56 – Heineken
    5 – Mac Brown – 7:12 – Budweiser
    6 – Brian Anderson – 7:20 – Coors Original
    7 – Charlie “No Gaggy” Nagy – 7:21 –
    8 – Phil Paris – 7:26 – Modelo
    9 – Greg Kelman – 7:36 – MGD
    10 – Doug “Glory Days” Miller – 7:42 – Coors Original
    11 – Jason Tuffs – 7:44 – Natural Ice
    12 – Allan Saadus – 8:08 – Coors Original
    13 – Kim McDonald – 8:21 – MGD
    14 – Tim Fisher – 8:28 – MGD
    15 – Paula Newby-Fraser – 8:59 – Heineken (1st Female)
    16 – Mark Vigil – 9:12 – Coors Original
    17 – Chris Sinkovich – 9:14 – Newcastle
    18 – Mark Frederickson – 9:21 – Heineken & Modelo
    19 – Laura Sand – 9:28 – MGD (2nd Female)
    20 – Udo Heinz – 9:35 – MGD
    21 – Sonja Doherty – 9:54 – Budweiser (3rd Female)
    22 – Mike McNerney – 9:57 – Coors Original
    23 – Todd Schoelen – 9:59 – Newcastle
    24 – Jim Kaese – 10:07 – MGD (1st Kaese brother)
    25 – Scott Kaese – 10:27 – MGD (2nd Kaese brother)
    26 – George Plsek – 10:59 – MGD
    27 – Steve Kaese – 11:35 – MGD (3rd Kaese brother)
    28 – Heather Fuhr – 11:34 – Heineken (4th Female - penalty lap for hurling)
    29 – Jay Kuderka – 11:45 – Natural Ice (Penalty Lap for spillage)
    30 – Mark Bettner – 13:13 – Coors Original
    31 – JT Clough – 13:38 – MGD
    32 – Linda Vigil – 13:38 – Coors Original
    33 – Paul Thomas – 13:56 – O’douls – non-alcoholic (Penalty Lap for spillage) – Ran 6:34 but was informed of his penalty some time after thinking he was finished…
    Special Divisions

    Challenged: Scott Tinley (Hip resurfaced 12-days ago) – walked 1-lap in 8:40 while Dan Selstad drank 1-beer at each 100-meter mark. Dan drank Coors Original while Tinley sipped on red wine.
    3-Legged: Andy Hutchinson & Rick Spahn – 18:28 – Miller Highlife
    4-person Relay (wusses): Bob Babbitt (Heineken), Heidi Janzen, Kristen Mayer, & Jackie Nagy (ladies all drank 8-ounce Coors Light…what?!) – 7:52