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    Wed, 11 Feb 2009 22:07:44 -0800

    Can I run 16:00 at the Carlsbad 5000? Hell no! But I'm gonna give it a shot, anyway.

    In January, I made a bet with Huddle that I could run 16:00 at the Carlsbad 5000 on April 4th. I figured that gave me plenty of time to give it a reasonable go. It did, but problem number one is that itís now February 11th and Iíve not done much, training wise, to ensure I win the bet. Problem number two is that I could barely run 16:00 when I was in good shape . . . and a lot younger. Problem number three is: what the hell was I thinking? This is what happens when you have a couple of drinks and start talking smack. Itís what happens to me, anyway.

    Regardless; a betís a bet. Any respectable Italian (oxymoron?) would tell you such. Putting my coaching hat on for a second, I figure some measure of accountability will nudge me out the door in pursuit of my goal Ė much better than the simple urge to run, anyway. Especially since the urge is not doing the trick, lately Ė ďlatelyĒ being the past four years.

    To this end, I will chronicle my voyage here for all to see Ė fully realizing that Huddle, and maybe Newby, will probably be the only ones to read this. Iíve enlisted the accounting firm of Scrote and Sac to validate my training log. This is necessary because Huddle and Newby seriously doubt the lack of mileage my log will contain.

    All information will be correct, calculated by GPS, via a Garmin that I borrowed from my wife (assuming I can figure out how to work it) and confirmed, of course, by the accounting firm of Scrote and Sac.

    Itís Wednesday, the first week of official recording. This is what my borrowed Garmin says for the week so far:

    Monday: didnít do shit.
    Tuesday: didnít run a step Ė but I did ride 2 hours.
    Wednesday: did less shit than Monday.

    I donít think Iím going to like the Garmin much. In the past, these zero totals wouldíve added up to about 20 miles of running. I may be in trouble . . .

    **Disclaimer: does not endorse the 3rd grade male humor or use of profanity. The written words of the author should in no way be construed as the measure of credibility of Really, it shouldnít. Weíre really mature and smart and serious.