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  • Riccitello Talks

    Thu, 12 Feb 2009 23:20:23 -0800

    Quality vs. quantity.

    Remember that Iím a trained professional. Or maybe a professional who trained . . . Whatever, I know how to get in shape to run 16:00 for a 5km. Iím simply asking you to consider that there is a lot of thought thatís going into my Carlsbad 5000 training plan. I know whatís best for me. I know what Iím capable of. I know my background. I know my limitations. Therefore, I encourage anyone reading this to carefully consider my previous statements before you attempt to copy my Carlsbad 5000 prep. I donít want anyone out there getting hurt.

    Anyway, I did a little speed work today. Nothing too severe Ė itís not like Iíve actually been running, or anything. I donít want to pop a hammy or snap an Achilles. I know that I really canít rush things. I still have 52 days until race day. Itís not like the race is next week.

    So I ran with two women I help out. Theyíre both pretty good. I ran for 51 minutes and 26.74 seconds, for a grand total of 7.1645872 miles (Iím starting to dig the Garmin). The girls ran a little longer (I only had a baby-sitter for an hour, plus I was tired). Our mile splits were: 8:16, 7:58, 7:40, 6:49, 6:35, 7:15, and 8:12. In the middle we did 15x(30Ē as a stride/45Ē medium). That explains the "hot" pace for miles 4-6.

    I felt pretty good. I was only breathing a little heavier than the girls. My calves are sore, but thatís to be expected, seeing as my typical run is 4-5 miles. Iím happy with the pace. I feel Iím right on target. Iíve got to hold 5:09/mile to run 16:00. I think the Garmin indicated that a couple of the 30Ē strides were down around 6:00/mile pace. I mean, thatís only 50 sec/mile off of goal pace. I realize I was only running 6:00 pace for 30 seconds, but I feel I couldíve lasted another 10-15 seconds at that speed. Iíll get there.

    No riding today, but I did do some sit-ups and push-ups. I may as well get the six-pack back, and some pecs would be nice. If I keep progressing nicely with my strength work, I may run with my shirt off. That should be intimidating to my peers . . . and nice for the ladies.