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  • Ford Ironman Coeur D'alene Finisher

    Sat, 4 Jul 2009 10:28:56 -0800

    Congrats to all the Finishers at the Ford Ironman Coeur D'alene.

    There were some great results at the recent Ford Ironman Coeur D'alene race, despite the cold, wet weather. Congratulations to all of the finishers.

    9:32.10 MAJOR KATE
    10:03:06 HOOPER CHRIS
    10:06:31 MCEVOY SEAN
    10:09:12 GREEN JARED
    10:20:16 MARSHALL JOHN
    10:26:36 MCCURLEY WAYLIN
    10:47:04 EGOROFF DAN
    10:52:57 BEYER BILL
    11:26:21 SPENCE CRAIG
    11:33:44 PARKE PERRY
    11:35:43 DAGGETT DAVID
    12:40:32 GIUFFRE ANTHONY
    12:50:40 LEMASTER KEVIN
    12:52:58 GLOVER DAPHNE
    13:13:56 REED HUNTER
    13:20:11 NICHOLLS ALAN
    13:21:34 GENECOV DAVID
    13:22:28 GALBRAITH GARY
    13:56:53 HOLDEN REGINALD
    13:59:57 REED JOHN
    14:22:10 DUPUIS CURT
    16:25:22 O'BRIEN MARY

    For those that did not meet the ultimate goal of crossing the finish line - there will be another race. Don't dwell on it - rather look forward!!

    Our apologies if we have left anyone off the above list.