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  • Beer mile 2009 #2

    Fri, 1 Jan 2010 18:27:52 -0800

    More beer mile 2009 photos
    And they are off!!!

    Sergio Gonzales started out strong but lost his load on the back stretch during the 4th lap and DNFed.

    Can you say spillage? Laura Sand had trouble finding her mouth while Kiki Zed had trouble keeping her beer down.

    Aero Helmet didn't save him more than 5 sec but can't wait to see the video

    Naked guy, cowboy and a swimmer. Everyone showed up for the festivities.

    Mac Brown, Eric and Tiffany giving the thumbs up post race.

    Dan "The Man" Selstad doing the Blazeman Roll at the finish.

    Hux showed up to present the awards in his Santa Costume.

    The 2009 Beer Mile champions, Heather "Fur Ball" Fuhr and Tony "Tea Bag" Smith.

    Anyone want to Polka?

    Here you go, 2nd set of photos.

    - Two of our regular Beer Mile competitors completed their own solo beer miles as they were out of town on race day:

    Huddle ran the mile a few days earlier on his own, a tough feat in itself, in 8:23 and Chuck Nagy did his on the same day but in Austin in 7:23. This would have placed Chuck 10th, and Huddle 16th.

    The officials are reviewing the video as there has been a protest filed against Tinley that he did not consume all of his beer...more to follow.

    There is also another race going on, the Macho Mile. It is the combination of three 1 mile races. Dec 20th was the first straight up mile. We then did the Beer Mile on the 27th and will do another straight out mile on the 30th of January. Winner is the one with the lowest combined times for all three. Here is where everyone stands after the first two events:

    Roch- 1 mile: 5:35, B-mile: 6:32= 12:07
    Heather- 1 mile: 5:11, B-mile: 8:08= 13:19
    Marc- 1 mile: 5:23, B-mile: 7:58= 13:21
    Huddle- 1 mile: 5:07, B-mile: 8:23= 13:30
    Andrew- 1 mile: 5:13, B-mile: 9:14= 14:27
    Jason- 1 mile: 5:09, B-mile...has yet to do it on his own.