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  • Beer Mile 2011

    Tue, 4 Jan 2011 11:31:17 -0800

    30 plus brave soles once again took the ultimate challenge at the Beer Mile on December 30th
    Beer Guy all smiles before the start

    Doug "Cowboy" Miller deep in concentration pre race

    Cowboy Miller disrobed and ready to rock and roll

    All lined up and ready for the offical start

    They are off! Cowboy was first out of the gates with a non- stellar 11 second guzzle and Brandon Mills was right behind him

    Diane Hyat showing great form!

    Heather showing great form on her first only went down hill from there.

    Champion Dave "Santa" Kloz showing perfect form...he has been in practice (drinking) the past year and it shows!

    An example of bad form...don't be those guys.

    Brannen demonstrating the best and the worst of the beer mile.

    Just a quick overview of the SD Beer Mile 2010:

    Dave "Santa" Kloz took the win (and a new PR) of 6:17 but had a close challenger, Brandon Mills only 3 sec behind. It Might have been a close race for the top three if Roach "the Stony Plain Drain" Frey would have manned up and hit the starting line, but he wussed out...old age is getting to him but word on the street is he is already in training for 2011.

    Heather "Furball" Fuhr entered the women s race as the predominate favorite but spewed shortly after her 2nd beer and announced her retirement on the spot...rumor has it that this spur of the moment decision was a little too hasty and she does not want to end her long Beer Mile career this way so look for her on the starting line in 2011. The stage was set for a new womens champion and Linda Vigil took full advantage crossing the line in 12:10 and more importantly a full 3 min ahead of her husband Mark.

    1 David "Santa" Kloz Ale 6:17
    2 Brandon Mills Budweiser 6:20
    3 Mike Daly 7:05
    4 Tom Bache 7:21
    5 Steven Wernick Coors 7:36
    6 Udo Heinz MGD 7:52
    7 David Esau Coors
    8 Eric Smith Natural Ice 8:07
    9 Jeff Young Simpler Times 8:11
    10 Brian Wrona Budweiser 8:12
    11 Doug Miller Heineken/Bud
    12 Brett Heers 8:57
    13 Jonathan Ochua Tecate 8:59
    15 Andrew Block Natural Ice 9:09
    17 Scott Koresky Bud Light
    18 Adam Tenney Budweiser 10:34
    19 George Missalidis Pabst Blue Ribbon 11:10
    20 Carlos Massenzi 11:20
    21 Linda Vigil Coors 12:10
    22 Team Plantenbergs Pabst Blue Ribbon 12:15
    23 Matt Elmore
    24 Matt Quackenbush Heineken 15:15
    25 Mark Vigil Coors
    26 Brannen Henn Budweiser 20:57
    Greg Huenrs
    Charlie Gamble
    Kosuke Amano