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  • Heather Fuhr

    Heather Fuhr


    IM Brazil: Glah and Fuhr Win

    Porto Seguro, Brazil:

    Ken Glah  (8:42)and Heather Fuhr (9:28) are repeat winners at Ironman Brazil 99.  Strong currents in the water and winds and heat on the bike and run kept last years records in tack. 

    Chris Leigh was first to exit the water with Ken Glah and four others close behind.  Chris and ken quickly separated themselves from the rest of the field opening a 10 min lead by 90km.  At that point Chris had a slight lead on ken of 1min, but by the end of the bike Ken had caught and past Chris and entered the transition with a 7 min lead.  Chris closed to within 3:30 of Ken at 26km then faided.  At 31km Ken's lead built back up to 8min, but over the last 8km of the run Chris started to feel better as ken started to fade.  Chris closed to within 2:45 of Ken at the end for his second 2nd place
    Ironman finish in one month.

    Heather Fuhr was second out of the water and quickly took the lead which she would hold for the remainder of the day.  Barbara Buenahora had a strong ride and closed to within 3:30 of Heather at the end of the bike.  She maintained a steady pace on the run finishing second in 10:01.

    Unofficially Results:
    1. Ken Glah 8:42:42 (:57, 4:35, 3:05)
    2. Chris Lehg 8:45:16
    3. Jorgen Hauber 8:53:06
    4. Alexandre Manzan 8:58:11
    5. Renato Dantas De Lucas 8:58:11

    1. Heather Fuhr 9:28:26 (1:04, 5:10, 3:09)
    2. Barbara Buenahora 10:01:56
    3. Junko Murakani 10:15:56