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    UCSD Formula 1 Off Road Triathlon - Transition Practice or Anaerobic Hell?

    In it's second incarnation, the UCSD Masters Triathlon Club's sprint triathlon has evolved into an "off-road" event by doing away with stationary trainers in favor of mountain bikes (there's no faking it when you have to ride a specified distance). The three race event began at 7am on Sunday morning with three laps in the pool (of what's estimated to be a 50 meter loop), three laps of the next door dirt track / softball field / volleyball court complex (estimated to be 1/2-mile long), and finished with three laps of the track . . . but that was only the first race! After strolling back to the pool, participants re-thought their strategy, arranged transition areas, and dove back in for the second race which decreased by one lap on each discipline. The final race turned into true lactic acid hell as the distance of each leg decreased by one lap again.

    The race is in it's "developmental" stages as the coaches (Roch Frey, Paul Huddle, and Ryan Chapman) work the bugs out in order to stage a 4 to 6 race series in which anyone can participate. It's a perfect first timer's race or a great way for experienced athletes to hone thier sprint / Olympic distance lactate tolerance while practicing transitions. We'll have pictures from the event in the next couple of days.

    We'll let you know when the next event is scheduled!