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  • Dave Hawkes gives it the old nose blow on the run. The Chicago transplant is taking to Southern California very nicely.

    Nick Hansen was dominant in all three races. Look for Nick at Mission Bay on October 3rd and then, perhaps, again at Oceanside on the 10th.

    Alisha West finishes her first ever triathlon. 30-minutes later, Alisha was a three event triathlon veteran. Nothing better than having first timers cut their teeth on an event that is unintimidating and challenging at the same time. Alisha might even admit to having had fun!


    UCSD Formula 1 Off Road Triathlon - Final Report

    The UCSD Formula 1 Off Road Triathlon is seen as a way to give local triathletes a way of "breaking the ice" prior to a bigger event, provide a manageable and unintimidating experience for beginners, and, perhaps, to provide an avenue for kids to check out our sport. There will be more events in 2000 - the only question is how many?

    Don't forget to look for 1999 Hawaii Ironman updates from Kona starting on October 15th.