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  • Beeson and Posner Rule at Montreal

    As further proof that the MSSC camps can lead to more than just another drunken party on a Saturday night, Jon Beeson and Veronica Posner not only made it to the '99 World Championships (whoops, I mean the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!) in Montreal.

    Veronica Posner of Aruba and Jon Beeson of the U.S., actually qualified and participated in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and did quite well only seven months after attending the February 1999 MSSC Camp. Could it be? It's true. It's nothing short of amazing! In Beeson's own words: "You might want to leave out that Posner was one of three Arubans in the entire country who actually do triathlon and Beeson qualified as a one-armed guy...But HEY, it was after all the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS." Both of these campers are to be commended on a superior effort. We're not sure but the last time we checked you have to qualify for Worlds no matter who you are AND you then have to actually go AND do the World Championship event!

    CONGRATULATIONS JON AND VERONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    . . . now all we need is a photo or two.