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  • 6-Time Hawaiian Ironman winner and triathlon legend, Dave "The Man" Scott accepts his induction. 40-something and still looks younger than most of the current batch of male pros!

    John Howard is arguably the best the U.S. has ever seen on a bicycle. After adding a win at the '81 Hawaiian Ironman he secured his place in triathlon's Hall of Fame. A favorite speaker at MSSC camps, John didn't disappoint on this evening.

    While her initial fame came in the world of ultra-running, Sally Edwards became a Hall of Famer in Triathlon by winning the Hawaiian Ironman and then went on to write the first ever book on triathlon (and followed it up with 12 more - and counting).

    Commander John Collins is the reason the triathlon world goes to Hawaii every October. Were it not for this down to earth man with an irreverant humor, we might still be looking forward to watching football at this time of year.


    Triathlon Hall of Fame Adds Five More

    Though missing Valerie Silk, the other four new members of triathlon's hall of fame gave moving acceptance speeches. It's at moments like these that you wish you had a tape recorder so you could preserve the wisdom and humor that came from their mouths. If you could come up with a common denominator among the five inductees it would be "giving". All gave so much more to the sport than they took - a great legacy to pass on.