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  • Tim Deboom gives us his better side (and sponsor) as he and Peter Reid get ready to swim the course on Sunday morning. Peter's training partner in '98, Tim learned a lot last year and is hoping to bring those lessons to the starting line this time around.

    '94 Hawaii Ironman Champion and legendary funny man, Greg Welch fends off the paparazzi prior to a swim from the pier. Having kept up the "I'm not racing" front for the past 8-weeks it's apparent to anyone who's seen him that he's not only racing but is looking incredibly fit and focused this year. Keep an eye out for the "Little Aussie Kangaroo" on Saturday - he'll definitely be in the thick of it.

    Coach Roch Frey looking very sexy before a swim with the throngs. NICE SUIT Roch!

    Coach Roch Frey looking VERY SEXY indeed before his morning swim with the throngs. Nice suit Roch!


    Babes at the Beach - The Pier Heats Up

    More than ever, Kailua Bay (or "Dig Me Beach" as it's known by some tri-geeks) becomes the focal point of each day. It's a consistent reflection of the building energy and tri-mania that steadily grows as we get closer to 7a.m. on Saturday morning.

    Rumors continue about the "cool" weather we're going to see on race day but history is consistent, what we're experiencing now is just a bad joke that the Big Island is known to play on the participants in this race. Tonight is the Ironman Parade of Nations. This event will provide another opportunity to talk to the professionals and see who looks confident and who looks flat out scared.

    Why TWO pictures of Roch Frey with this report? Hey, look at the picture!