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  • Approach of Hill #2 - The approach of the second hill is almost invisible (you might be able to see that it's ahead and to the right). This one isn't too bad. About 400-600 meters long and do-able in a 39 x 19 (700c wheels) by an out of shape slightly overweight 37 year-old.

    Climbing hill #2 - you get a great shot of Heather and Roch's better sides.

    The same shot as the one before (this time of Roch & Heather's not so good sides) but a little further up the climb on hill #2.

    Hill #3 is visible from a long way off. The good thing is that you do get a bit of a descent going into it so you're relatively rested.

    Hill #3, a little bit closer - As you approach hill #3, you're approximately 40 miles into the loop.

    Hill #3, closer yet - Once you're into the meat of this one, it's not as long as it looked two miles ago . . . but it's not short (about 600-800 meters long).


    Ironman California Bike Course Preview (part 2)

    While there are three or four hills that stand out on this course, I'm sure there will be more than that during the second loop on race day. Funny how course features that were mere bumps on the first loop become severe grades the second time around. Isn't it amazing how a 56-mile ride seem relatively "easy" when you've gotten a full night's sleep, had plenty of coffee, and are riding an a leisurely pace? We wonder what it will seem like after 2.4 miles of swimming and 56-miles of . . . the same hilly riding you just did.

    There are four hills that stand out on the inland part of the course. The first of these is the most noticeable but our photographer didn't have his camera out in time and, by the time he did, he was simply trying to keep moving forward without falling over. We'll get a picture of this sheer face this coming weekend. The hills pictured at the left are hill #'s 2 and 3. Maybe we should name these things. One somewhat comforting thought is the fact that none are longer than of a mile (we'll try to get a more accurate read on this as well).

    We're looking forward to taking those who'll be here for the Ironman California Camp out on January 22nd to see the course for themselves.