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  • See? It's true. There are actually some downhills mixed in with all of the up. Heather Fuhr follows husband, Roch Frey down a good one.

    We ended last Saturday's ride at the "boat basin" where the swim for Ironman California will start. This is the same place where Bob Babbitt got chased out of the water by an over zealous seal (maybe it was mating season). Yup, those are shorts we're wearing and, yes, it's late November.

    Ever wonder who lives in them there hills? Heather stands (at attention) with a group of locals (U.S. Marines). Heather offered to arm wrestle any of them but all declined - guess that weight training is paying off, huh Heather?


    Ironman California Bike Course Preview (part 3)

    If you've read the previous updates, you might get the idea that this bike course is all up-hill. It's not but - you know how it is - the up-hills seem to take a little longer to get over than the down-hills take to coast down. It will be interesting to see what the course looks / feels like a second time. This weekend, we'll try to get a better idea of all of the features and where they come. No bike computer yet but we're hoping someone else has one (and that it's correctly calibrated).

    More to come . . .