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  • This is the "Hill #1" that we missed in the previous reports. As you approach it, it's every bit as tough as it looks. Somewhere between 600 and 800 meters (about a half mile) in length, it's pretty steep (small ring and 21 rear cog - standing). It is approximately 1.5-2 miles after making the right turn on to San Mateo Rd.

    Greg & Paula lead the group up Hill #1. This is taken in the first fifth of the hill (right before the photographer had to stand up and grunt).

    An interesting site about a mile and a half before the hill was this 50-meter outdoor pool. Empty and looking very lonely we all just sighed and rode on.


    What About That First Dreaded Hill On the Backside of the Bike Course

    So, what happened to the rest of the bike course description that was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago? Well, the reporter got a little bit caught up with the holidays and preparing for the MSSC's year in 2000 but here are some of the images of the ride on the weekend of the 11th of December. While this report focuses on the hill that comes approximately 20-25 miles into the course, the next report will show you the hills along the coast or front side of the bike loop. We figure enough people have already ridden this section as it's the same way you go on the infamous Wednesday Ride here in San Diego County.

    One interesting (kind of) note about the rides so far has been the great weather we've had. We're not sure if this is a trend or simply the course's way of sucking everyone into thinking that it will be a nice day on May 20th only to slam us on race day. December should be this nice everywhere!