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  • When the U.S. Marines want to cross the road, you better stop and let them. The group takes a breather as they watch America's best at work.

    If you think race directors have no idea what that race you just finished is like, think again. Graham Fraser was in town and covered every inch of the course with Ironman California's race director, Buzz "Buzzard" Mills. Graham's smiling because it's the first time he's seen the sun in a month!

    Would you buy something from these men? Competitor Magazine publisher, Bob Babbitt and Golf Gateway genius, Larry White ham it up for the camera after catching up at the troop crossing. Smile boys, you're about to be dropped - again!

    Larry White is all smiles before turning right and heading inland to the dreaded hills. Only 5 miles after this picture was taken, he was a whining and whimpering mess . . . but for his first ride in a year, he did alright.


    New Zealand? it's Sheep. Australia? it's Koala Bears. California? it's Marines!

    On our Dec. 11th ride, the group was held up for about 10-minutes while a regiment of marines crossed the road. No one seemed to mind too much as all were well armed and didn't look in the mood to deal with a bunch of freaks in Lycra . . . Luckily for Bob Babbitt & Larry White, there were several occasions where we were held up (flats, etc.) or else they'd have gotten lost once again.