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  • From left to right: Lori "Big Hair" Bowden, Sian "The Singer" Welch, and Heather "Muscles" Fuhr give us their best bicep before an easy pre-race ride in Pucon, Chile. That's the best you've got? Everyone back to the gym!

    It's all fun and games 'til you have to board a 10 hour flight and get sick before you land! Chris Legh finds the real meaning of being a "pro" in a foreign land. He should be fine by race day.


    If It's February, It Must be Pucon, Chile

    Since the dawn of professionalism in the sport of Triathlon, February has meant a trip to Pucon for many of the best in the sport. This year, Lori Bowden (Peter Ried had to cancel due to illness), Sian Welch, Heather Fuhr, and Chris Legh headed South to begin the long 2000 season. While it's accepted that "no one is in shape", that doesn't mean the South American contingent is in the same boat. A race that has seen competitors like Christian Busos, Mark Allen, Scott Tinley, Wendy Ingraham, Paula Newby-Fraser, Liz Downing, Carol Montgomery, Oscar Galindez, Simon Lessing, Kenny Glah, Ricardo Gonzales, and on and on, Pucon is a vacation destination and "triathlon must do". For those who want a change of pace and a beautiful destination, Pucon will be remembered as a an incredible trip that happened to have a triathlon interspersed along the way.

    We'll give you results when we get them.

    Thanks MSSC coach and on the spot photographer, Roch Frey, for the photos. Roch will be racing as well and there's a lot of money on him to crush the women's field (hey Roach, no pressure or anything).