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  • PNF's Post Race Tid Bits

    When was the last time you had the chance to get an autograph from a past Tour d' France winner, Tour d' France sprinter's jersey holder, or just generally gawk at a winning Tour d' France team. The German Telekom team happens to be staying at the race headquarters hotel for Ironman South Africa and it seems that their star power is no match for a triathlete's hunger for race splits!

    Paula Newby-Fraser relates the following "Sunday after" scene in the hotel lobby:

    "Best scene of the morning. Telekom boys rode into the lobby after their ride - and it was packed with tri geeks obsessing over the results posted up - and no-one even gave them the time of day, or barely got out of their way as they tried to get through. I bet Jan Ulrich has not been that ignored coming through a crowd in a long while!!!"

    PNF said that she actually feels pretty good and isn't sore except for her right quad where they took a muscle biopsy after the race as part of a study. "My legs are not sore today - except for the biopsy. It is soooo frikking painful, woke up in the midle of the night in real pain. They tell you it will feel like someone kicked you in the leg - I wish!!!! I can't even bend that leg I will never do that again!!!!!!! So I am living on painkillers at the moment."

    C'mon Newby, it's for a good cause. Imagine the glee of the physiologists over getting a muscle sample from PNF. Now maybe we'll be able to figure out how she's been able to do what she has - or maybe we'll never know.