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  • Name that belly - Sian Welch cuts loose after her win at the Pucon Triathlon. This is the secret to professional triathlon training - LOTS of dancing!

    To the victor go the spoils - and so it is with coach Roach. Notice who's smile is the widest? Hmmmmmm. I wonder if Heather saw this . . .

    If you've never been to Pucon, a picture (especially over the web) won't do it justice. Heather, Lori, and Sian enjoying another crystal clear day in the shadow of Villarica.


    The Pucon Triathlon is Over - So Let's Dance!

    Our hung over reporter from Chile had this to report about the race:

    "Chris Legh had a great race. Strong the whole race. Lead pack out of the water, dropped Matias 3/4 the way through the bike, and gained time on the run. Tony Deboom had a great run passing Matias the last two mile into town."

    "We didnt get up the mountain today as everybody was very sore, or hung over (Sian) as you will see why in the photos. Hopefully tomorrow. Just sat on the beach all day. The chicks had their hair done in little braids as I read a book. Havent had time to do that for a while and will not have the time again for months so enjoyed it."

    See Ya,

    Whoa, he's even got a Spanish name now . . . they're obviously roughing it down South right now. Don't cry for them Argentina.