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    Multisports School of Champions Ironman Florida Training Program is now available. This 24-week training program starts on May 22nd, and follows a detailed schedule to prepare you for Ironman Florida on November 5, 2000. Register for this program at:

    Here is a testimonial below from Boomer Titan, a participant in the MSSC Ironman California Training Program, who will be competing this Saturday, May 20th, at 7am (see for live coverage).

    Dear Joe,

    I am competing in my first Ironman this weekend and I could not have done it without this program. It has been an amazing experience.

    First let me give you little background on how I came to MultiSport. I am celebrating my 40th birthday this month and after doing triathlons (mostly international distances with a few half-Ironmans mixed in) for the last 19 years, I needed a challenge. So I signed up for the inaugural California Ironman back in November. After I got in, I realized that I am a 6 foot tall, 200 pound back of the pack "racer" and what the hell was I thinking about. I have completed 6 New York City Marathons in an average of 5:15, which is good if you consider that I never train for these events. But there is no winging an Ironman. So I started surfing the web looking for ideas and the link from the CA Ironman to the Multisports page spoke my language. It basically said "so you are in the Ironman, now what? We can get you to the finish line" After one quick call to their office for the detail, I was in.

    Why the program worked for me is that they broke everything down and all I had to do was follow each step. The program gave me the flexibility to manage the workouts around my career and family. ( I am still happily married, my 2 year old daughter runs around the house saying "Iroman" and my business is booming).

    These guys have worked with the best and they have done all the experimenting to see what works and what doesn't. I have become addicted to my California Ironman Training Program website. I check it at least twice a day and every time I pick up something new. The Ask the Coaches section of the website was always very helpful. I had an issue with blisters and within 24 hour I got great advice from the coaches and people in the program. They give you so much information and that information breads confidence. I have followed the key workout program to the letter and I know I will have a blast this Saturday. This was easily the best triathlon investment I have ever made.

    Good luck,
    Boomer Titan