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  • Heather Fuhr Victorious at Ironman California
    © 2000 Rich Cruse


    Multisport School of Champions coached athletes win at Ironman California…

    Tough Day…Yes, but Multisport School of Champions athletes Heather Fuhr (coached by Roch Frey) and Chris Legh (coached by Paul Huddle) prevail at the inaugural Ironman California Saturday, May 20th, at Camp Pendleton, CA

    Marked by cold water, unexpected currents, varying air temperature differences on the bike course, and the San Mateo Monster that athletes had to conquer twice Hill (the Marines have an altogether different name for that hill not fit to print here), Ironman California may become known as one of the toughest Ironman courses in the world.

    These adverse conditions did not stop nearly 1400 competitors from crossing the finish line prior to the 12 midnight cutoff time enforced by race officials, including 77-year-old Bill Bell, who has now completed 30 ironman races.

    The overall winner, Chris Legh, finished in 8:56.09, and the women’s winner, Heather Fuhr finished in 9:59.23. These times are nearly an hour slower than Ironman record times on other courses, which is an indication of the challenge of this course.

    MSSC would like to congratulate all the competitors who raced at Ironman California this year. Next year’s race has been slated for Saturday May 19th, 2001…could it be the same challenging course again?