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    Dear Coach,

    Doing my long ride on the weekend, about an hour into it,when "Clink.. BANG!!" -- I hit something on the road and get a blow-out on the rear tyre. Oh well... it happens. I stop, pull out the spare kit, remove the rear wheel and replace the tube. Now, it should have been obvious before I started this exercise, but my brain was running on idle. Anyway, a few strokes of the pump and the inevitable becomes painfully obvious -- a tube already poking out through a significant cut in the sidewall of the tyre.

    Hmmm... ok, I've been here before, so I knew exactly what to do. I pulled out my wallet and opened it up... hmmm... only a couple of 50's. Still, it's not like I'm throwing them away or anything. I grab one, fold it over twice, and stuff it into the tyre, between it and the tube. I push the tyre back on and start pumping again. Presto -- a re-useable tyre boot -- albeit, at $50,a pretty damned expensive one. Anyway, it did a perfect job, and I continued the ride like nothing was wrong -- in fact I'll probably have to do this weekend's ride on it as well, as the replacement 650 tyre I have on order is not likely to turn up by then.

    Our money might not actually be worth anything these days, but god bless the Ozzie treasury for plastic notes.

    Adding further to that story... I was mouthing off this morning about how I have problems with blow-outs caused by the sidewalls on the tyres I use on my training bike, and boldly stated that I never have such problems with the tyres on my road bike -- on which I commute to work. So, of course, that was simply thumbing my nose at the great flat-tyre gods -- and not 15mins later... BANG!! -- and I've got a tyre that's got a pair of neat cuts running from the centre around to the rim -- I couldn't believe it!!!-- and just to make matters worse, it's raining and icy cold.

    Anyway, I got myself out of trouble this time by using a large candy wrapper that was laying in the gutter, and it was strong enough to hold the tube in -- but that tyre is toast, and I'm going to have to replace it when I get home -- fortunately it had done a lot of miles anyway and I have a new one waiting.

    MacGyver Wannabe, Australia