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  • It's all fun and games 'til you take a bite of your wedding cake. Ryan and Danielle taking the BIG BITE. It was pretty tame - no face smooshing.

    Nothing quite like the grace and athleticism demonstrated by Ryan and Danielle on the dance floor. Look for them on NBC's re-release of American Bandstand.

    What'dya mean this shot was posed? This is the real deal - Ryan and Danielle dancing the Tango!!


    Singles Lament!! Danielle Braun and Ryan Chapman Tie the Knot

    The sighs of single men and women all over the world could be felt as Ryan Chapman and Danielle Braun took their vows on a beautiful La Jolla afternoon. With family and friends present, what has to be the world's happiest couple didn't disappoint as their obvious affection beamed throughout the ceremony.

    Ryan, the glue that holds the MSSC office together, was actually looking quite presentable as murmurs spread throughout the congregation regarding the possible scenarios under which Danielle actually agreed to marry him.

    Seriously, if you know Ryan and Danielle and have seen them together, you have one of the best examples of true love that there is. It's actually kind of sickening but a relief to know that such love actually exists.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!