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  • Brothers and Business Partners in Digital Music Companies Wes and Bill Hein, shown here at the Enigma Digital Santa Monica office, are among MSSC Alumni who completed Ironman California in May.


    MSSC Congratulates more Ironman California Finishers...

    We missed some names in our original congratulations to alumni who completed Ironman California on May 20th. Congratulations to brothers Wes (13:28) and Bill(11:37)Hein (pictured above), who in addition to completing Ironman California are business partners with Bob Ezran, producer of Pink Floyd's The Wall, in a group of online digital music companies. Check out their websites at:

    Also, congratulations to Heather Roberts (11:52), alumnus of our Boulder Ironman Camps, in her finish at Ironman California as well.

    Note: if we missed your name in one of our postings for Ironman California, we apologize.